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Special Offer:   Rehearsal Studios for £25

Try out our brand new dedicated band rehearsal studios at EV27studios! First 3 hour session for just £25!

Added by Ev27studios on 29/10/2018

Special Offer:   EV27studios Free Classes

New to EV27studios? Find out if you like us, with your first class FREE!

Added by Ev27studios on 29/10/2018

Special Offer:   Pay As You Grow Hair Transplants

Cut price transplants leave patients tearing their hair out warns Yorkshire expert A leading Yorkshire hair transplant technician is urging men battling baldness to wake up to the dangers of going overseas for hair transplant surgery. The warning from the Baruch Hair Transplant Centre based in Leeds comes as managing director Sean Baruch says he has experienced a big increase in patients contacting him who have been abroad to countries such as Turkey for the procedure. Commented Sean: “This year alone we have seen an increase of nearly two thirds of male patients who have been lured abroad by the promise of cut price transplant surgery but the end results have been appalling. They then come to me several months later when no new hair has grown or the procedure has actually left them looking and feeling worse than before they first had it done. I must have spoken to at least 250 men already this year who have been left traumatised by their experience." Men can get hair transplant work done overseas for a fraction of the price of what it costs in the UK at a reputable clinic. In some cases the work can be carried out a tenth of the cost but in reality the price is much higher. Adds Sean: “Unfortunately once men have had the work done there is nothing that I or my team of expert medical team can do to help as another surgeons shoddy work cannot be put right safely or easily. When a patient visits an unregulated provider in somewhere like Turkey, the surgeon doing it often damages the follicles in the back of the patient's head which are used as donor hairs, usually removing far too many in one go. In the UK we might take up to 2,000 follicles at a time and in Turkey I've seen cases when 3,500- 4,000 follicles have been taken which is far too excessive and sadly for the patient, irreparable. “To make matters even worse many of these practitioners are unregulated which means the patient has no comeback. After care procedure once the transplant is done is critical to the overall success and there's not a lot of this going on with the cases we are witnessing from across various European countries." There are many non-qualified doctors and hairdressers operating around the world. In the UK, patients are protected by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). All the surgeons working on behalf at Baruch Hair Transplant Centre have to be trained to a very high standard, GMC (General Medical Council) registered and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). This prevents malpractice and delivers optimum results. Sean's onsite operating theatre is fully compliant with health regulations and prevents cross contamination. The problem is rife in destinations such as Turkey where there are lots of clinics offering transplants with the promise of a full head of hair. Turkey has been listed as the number one ‘health tourist' destination for Brits seeking hair transplants abroad. Added Sean, who has been a regulated practitioner for 20 years and has overseen thousands of successful transplants and procedures: “This increase is very worrying and I'm keen to prevent men who are desperate to change their lives through hair transplant surgery from not only risking throwing away their money but also at the mercy on unscrupulous and unregulated so called surgeons who don't care one bit about the hair on these men's heads. Instead, they are just preying on men who they know are desperate. The message is clear don't get plucked in Turkey, stay safe and seek a consultation from a regulated specialist in the UK before parting with any cash. Transplant surgery is not always viable or appropriate for everyone and if this in the case I will be upfront and honest with the patient and then explore other treatment options such as a bespoke non surgical hair transplant." Earlier this year Sean and his team performed a pioneering Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplant on international and super league rugby star Luke Gale. Six months after the procedure Luke who was often ridiculed by fans for his thinning hair now sports a healthy and completely natural head of hair which he is personally delighted with. The procedure included a comprehensive after care programme including laser therapy to ensure the hair growth was healthy. Commented Sean: “Like thousands of men, Luke came to see me because he wanted to do something positive about his hair loss. There are lots of treatments out there but they are not always suitable for the client and Luke wanted reassurances that we could help him long term. Being in the public eye as he is and especially in such a tough sport as rugby league, Luke found himself at the end of some cruel taunts from fans and players. This can have a profound effect on confidence so to want to do something positive about it is the most natural thing in the world. The procedure that Luke had gave him the renewed confidence to continue to be a great success in his sport and in life away from the pitch too."

Added by Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic on 26/10/2018

Special Offer:   50% off PPC intil 1st January

We're offering 50% off our PPC and PPC plans until the 1st January 2019! Please call 01423 223126 for further details.

Added by Vantage Agency Ltd on 12/10/2018

Review: Richard Wilson Photography

Richard was extremely helpful and friendly, and most importantly produced a great set of photographs for a very reasonable fee. Would highly recommend!

Reviewed by Simon Heafield on 02/10/2018

Special Offer:   Quit with Hypnosis

This is a special double session to help you get rid of the wicked unsocial habit of smoking. The only proviso is YOU MUST DEFINITELY WANT TO QUIT,

Added by Body and Mind.Co on 29/09/2018

Special Offer:   Slimming with Hypnosis

No dieting No special Meals No exercise No, weigh in's No special pills This 4-week therapy set you on the perfect way to reduce your size and shape whilst living your normal life. Contact for more information

Added by Body and Mind.Co on 29/09/2018

Special Offer:   Step Into Sophrology

Sophrology is a holistic therapy based on gentle body movements, breathing exercises and visualisation. Inspired by progressive relaxation and yoga, hypnosis and mindfulness, sophrology aims to restore harmony between body and mind. Step Into Sophrology specialises in helping people diagnosed with a chronic condition such as cancer or fibromyalgia and in helping people who are highly stressed or in burn out. Our mission is to help you regain balance, calmness and confidence in your life.

Added by Step Into Sophrology on 28/09/2018